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what does succeed means?

I love sports and Mathematics. #sports #math

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5 answers

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Donna’s Answer


I am sure you know the definition of success. The larger question is are you equating success to other factors outside of attainable and realistic goals. For instance, someone attempting to lose weight may say they are unsuccessful because they have not moved the needle on the scale. Yet they have lost inches in waist, hips, thighs, etc... A young person who has acquired their first job working at a fast food restaurant may consider this a success, while a parent may not because their measurement would be a job which holds long term benefits and advancement.

Remember you are the pillar to you own success. You may be completely content and happy with your chosen trajectory in life, while others will consider it unsuccessful. In the end, it is your destiny not theirs.

Hi -- Abdel is the person who asked the question :) Varina Hammond

My apologies Abdel -- thank you for catching my oversite. I see Varina was one of the other individuals who answered. Donna Hull

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Varina’s Answer

Hi Abdel -- A determination of success is best made in context of goals. For instance, if you have a goal to be a sports statistician to combine your love of sports and mathematics, and you make progress toward that goal or achieve that goal, that could be considered success. Or, if you want to eventually be a mathematics professor, and coach intramural league sports, and achieve progress towards that goal or achieve that goal, that could also be considered success. Or, from another perspective, say you make progress toward a particular career path, and determine that you might not love it as much as you thought you did, and choose a new path to pursue, that is also success because you are finding your way forward.
To sum up, your own success is determined by YOU, no one else. Hope this helps!

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Mohamed’s Answer

Hi Abdel, I'll take a different approach and I'll assume that you feel that you are smart enough to understand abstract subjects like math while also athletic and you wanted to know what would make successful career for you, or probably what's the most successful career you can achieve. As most other professionals described, successes doesn't really happen that way, while you can go a long way in the academic world acing exams and competing in sports, in real life you need to set goals and find motivation to pursue and achieve them. You'll have to look around and figure out what you want your future to be. You need to aim high enough that when you reach it you'll be satisfied with the results, while staying motivating enough to keep you chipping at it for years to come.

Good luck and have fun.

Mohamed recommends the following next steps:

Look around and visualize your future
Talk to people you know
Aim higher than you think possible
Stay motivated and celebrate small achievements along the way.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Different people have different definition of success. It is really subject to how you view. For example, someone would like to be a entrepreneur to establish his own business. His success might be having his own company and can make substantial profit. On the other hand, someone would like to be a housewife. Her success might be having a happy family and maintaining a cozy & nice home.
What is your career objective? What do you want to do? You may think about it and define your own success criteria. You are the best person who knows yourself the best. Other's criteria does not apply to you.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Kim’s Answer

Success means to be happy with all aspects of your life. You can also be happy with a part of your life, but not others. Suppose you want to be married by the time you are 28, and raising children by the age of 35, and at age 26 you are still single and not seriously dating anyone. You would need to make some adjustments so you start dating more.

Or, you could be exactly where you want to be at age 35, but now, your goals or measurements of success start to shift, because now you are determined to be the best parent possible.

Lots of people talk about success in terms of career goals, or, financial goals. And, yes, that is a part of it. Just like with family goals. Suppose you want to be an accountant by the age of 28, you will need to set some mini-goals, steps for achieving that.

The key is understanding how YOU define happiness, and how YOU define success. It's not a competition, because we all want different things. Don't let OTHERS define success for you - it's your life, not theirs.