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How to manage LOADS of reading assignments?

I taking 19 credits of classes this term, all of which have an astronomical amount of reading homework. Every time I go through my assignments, I've realized that I may not be reading effectively. I tried skimming and underlining, but by upon finishing the text, I realize I didn't quite grasp it. Any study tips to manage all of these assignments? #college #academic-advising #studying-tips #student-development #reading #studying #scheduling

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2 answers

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matthew’s Answer

The method i have used that really worked for me is by reading my notes every day....at leat in a week i make sure i read all or most of my notes twice.This would have made the whole note part of me before the exam, and those that seem not to be sinking in my brain would have sunk properly. With this i was able to graduate with a first class honours in the university. Everyday reading is the key!

Thank you! I will try to schedule it in consistently. Jackie G.

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Manpreet’s Answer

I agree with the previous answer.

There's multiple methods. We all have a capacity to learn and memorize certain way. People learn by three different methods. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic (VAK). Obviously if it's something like math you would have to practise it. For reading you can see which method works best for you.

  1. Rereading your notes or assignments. Everyday reading does help alot.
  2. Memorizing your own notes by rewriting them. I used this method for my vocabulary words and chemistry classes.
  3. You can use a recorder and record yourself rereading your assignment out loud and listen to that while you are commuting or away from your desk.

This may help scheduling your time in efficient way.