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What job applications are better to use

I'm just currious if applying online is better than a hand written application #job #application #online

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6 answers

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Holly’s Answer

Good Day Melissa,

Great Question, I like this question. You will need a portfolio. In that portfolio you should include the following,

Cover Letter
Thank you notes.
Contact information.
Letters of Recommendation.
What you bring to the company.
In today’s world most people are using templates already created for you from Microsoft office, Microsoft word and other templates that you can download on the computer depending on your Major. The templates come in all varieties that you can choose from. For example, if I wanted to do Computer Networking I would download the tech template. If I want to be a Nurse I would download the nursing template or medical template. This gives you a guide to use when applying for jobs. You also want to include a great cover letter. The cover letter is the first piece of work that the recruiter will scan to see if you qualify for the opportunity for the position that the company is offering you.
Then out of kindness after you fill out your cover letter, resume, and then follow up in a week or so with a thank you note, if the company did not hire you. You still want to thank the company for viewing your information. If the company calls you, be sure and send a letter to thank them for the interview that you are looking forward to. After a couple of days you want to follow up with a thank you note to that company as well thanking them for what they are doing for you
. When going to the interview you want to dress business casual, make eye contact, cell phone off, never be late, shake hands firm handshake, never interrupt and have a list of questions you want to ask the employer, Most importantly, do not make excuses, or talk to he or she as if they are your friend this is a professional relationship, keep it that way you will be successful. The other thing I suggest if you do not think this is the job for you thank them anyhow not then after you go home speak to family about the position then send a note that you are declining the position this is out of common courtesy, You can then return if need be on another date if you still have not found another job.
If you do not have the Microsoft offices suites you can go to resume builder for free of find free examples online to guide you through the process. You want to begin a portfolio. Include your information as your header, make cards if you like and leave a card with the company too. A portfolio shows off the skills that you have. Give examples of what your strengths and weakness are. This too is important. There are lists of questions the employer will ask you. Like why do you want to work here? A good answer to that is to research the company and find out who what when why how and the history of that company so you are prepared for any question they ask. Be confident are yourself and you will get the job opportunity. The greatest of luck to you in your job search. Never use paper. Only to print out your formal cover letters resumes and have your portfolio with you. Another thing you do not want to do is push the person for the job, if they say ok I will be in touch say thank you and walk on out then check back a week or so later to see if the job position has been filled. You will do fine.

thank you :) Melissa S.

Wow this has a lot of great advice Maeve K.

thank you for all this great and relevant info. Andrea H.

Thank you for the advice Teal K.

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Mia’s Answer

Hi Melissa

I would recommend an online application or typed resume. This will ensure that your application is legible and presentable. Your application is the beginning of the first impression concept.

I hope this helps!

thank you :) this helps alot Melissa S.

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Jared’s Answer

At some companies an application will not be considered unless submitted on the company's website. That said, if you are applying to a company where there is no electronic application process (e.g., no application website and no email option), then mailing or handing-delivering an application is an appropriate way to go.

Source for my advice: At the consulting company where I worked after college, we were not allowed to consider any applications that weren't submitted on the company's recruiting website.

thankyou:) Melissa S.

thank you for the info. Andrea H.

Thanks for the info Maeve K.

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Mag. (FH) Verena’s Answer

Having an electronic form of your resume or even an online profile in a professional network is advantageous. Most recruiters today will use software to find the right candidate and will therefore scan the electronic resume, a hand written application might not even make it to this stage. The advantage of having an online profile is that recruiters also search for passive candidates, which means they'll contact you if they think you are a good fit, even if you have not not submitted an application.

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Joel’s Answer

Hi Melissa,

Both ways -handwritten or online are both valid ways to apply for a job.

What is most important is to stand out from the crowd and make the difference compared to the other candidates.
You have to show your motivation, interest and passion from the area you want to work in.

Then you can use online or handwritten letters. It is usually specified on the application how to answer it.
Some companies can also appreciate video resume which can be looked at as really creative.

Best regards

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Melissa!

As others have said, some companies will only accept online applications. I would advise that when you go through a job posting to review what that company accepts, and then submit in that fashion. It is important to have an electronic and paper version of your resume available. If you go through an electronic process only and get an interview I suggest that you take a few copies of your paper resume to give to whomever you are interviewing with. In my experience sometimes the people you interview with don't have that information.

Best of luck!