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Where is the best college to go to for dental assisting. (Both Community and University)

I'm trying to figure out where the best place would be to find my passion dentistry college college

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Michael’s Answer

Here is what I found:

Marshalltown Community College
Marshalltown, IA
Student/teacher ratio 46 : 1 Total enrolled: 1,947

Western Iowa Tech Community College
Sioux City, IA
Student/teacher ratio 91 : 1 Total enrolled: 5,976

Northeast Iowa Community College
Calmar, IA
Student/teacher ratio 46 : 1 Total enrolled: 4,408

Indian Hills Community College
Ottumwa, IA
Student/teacher ratio 27: 1 Total enrolled: 3,612

Eastern Iowa Community College District
Davenport, IA
Student/teacher ratio61: 1 Total enrolled: 8,002

Thank you Micheal for giving me some great ideas on where I could lead my future Kylie B.