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What do you believe is the best programming language or web framework for full-stack developers today?

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3 answers

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Fred’s Answer

A full stack developer is someone who can do a bit of everything - from GUIs, to databases, to back-end processing...And each of these areas generally require knowledge of different areas. For front-end development, you're most likely looking at JavaScript. To do database queries, you'll need something like SQL for a relational database, or something similar for various NoSQL databases. And back-end coding could be Java, C/C++, .NET, Python, Perl, Shell scripting...or who knows what else?

Programming languages are like tools in a toolbox. The one you choose depends on the job you are trying to accomplish, and where you are doing it.

Thank you! Benjamin T.

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Satya’s Answer

What one should understand is that the developer should be open to learn any language or tool which might help solve his problem.

Consider that you have a latency in the system and are thinking you should use redis to solve this. You should first know what Redis offers and what are the other options to make it work. The requirement specifically determines the need to use a particular language or a tool. Like Pieces in a Puzzle, only the right piece (Language or Tool) will fit the requirement. So, you should be open to learn and use anything.
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Jerome’s Answer

Fred and Satya are right; there's no "best programming language"; the best programming language is the one that gets your job done (unless you're under specific constraints regarding hardware or interoperability, in which case the choice will generally be clear). Some tasks require high-level languages, some low-level.

I'm hoping your question really is "What language(s) should I be learning?" Again, that answer will depend on what you want to do, but a good background in C/C++, Python, Javascript, Perl, and the Bash shell scripting language will get you through the majority of tasks you will encounter today. You'll also want at least some familiarity with hardware, databases, and network communications to be an effective full-stack developer.