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Bree’s Avatar
Bree Feb 28, 2023 388 views

What are some good colleges in SoCal for comp sci?

I’m currently in Washington State (Seattle area) and am thinking of going away to Southern California for college. I want to be a software engineer (or at least something in that field) and am looking to get a comp science degree.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Mar 01, 2023 562 views

Should I disregard my first degree?

My degree, in Info Systems is getting demolished at my school since I am the only student with that degree. Most students only knew about Computer Science and Information Technology. There is ONLY one school that offers an Information Systems course but the chances of me getting into that...

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 28, 2023 398 views

What are some internships right now for computer engineer major in the bay area, SF?

Looking for computer engineer-related internships to expand my skills and get more experience

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 27, 2023 635 views

How should I prepare to become a software engineer or a career in finance?

How should I prepare to become a software engineer or a career in finance?
Is a career in software engineering or in finance fulfilling and satisfying?
How do you work with other people in the same career group?

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Feb 27, 2023 442 views

What engineering major uses most math?

What engineering major uses most math? Which one is right for me?

Crimson’s Avatar
Crimson Feb 08, 2023 592 views

Interested in teaching high-school level Mathematics.

What classes should I focus on and take in college? What colleges are best to become a math teacher? Is there any specific information I know before starting this college profession? How will a master's/bachelor's degree help me once I am out of college and should I focus on getting my...

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Feb 05, 2023 796 views

What are good languages to learn for working as a Computer Programmer?

At the moment, I know HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and C#, are any other languages good to know for this job?

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 31, 2023 376 views

Learning robotics as a CompSci major?

Is it possible to learn robotics as a Computer Science major? Or do I need to major in something more specific?

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Jan 30, 2023 552 views

What is the best college for computer science and math?

I am currently in high school junior year.

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda Jan 30, 2023 956 views

What careers use AI/Machine Learning?

I'm interested in getting a career in AI. Which jobs work with it regularly and what education should I get to get there?

aya’s Avatar
aya Jan 30, 2023 286 views

Do you need to have a lot of experience and knowledge in a field in order to major in it?

I'm studying computer science in high school but I am not sure the knowledge I have right now is enough for me to major in computer science in college.

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Dec 07, 2022 306 views

What do you do first when creating something new?

Answer only if you have past computer-programming experience or are currently a computer-programmer

Kyrese’s Avatar
Kyrese Nov 16, 2022 548 views

How are working conditions in programming and I.T careers ?

Are you constantly in an office or do you work from home due to covid? Do employees often work together or have many personal duties for other companies with specific due dates?

Arnab’s Avatar
Arnab Oct 31, 2022 505 views

How to become a successful tester ?

How to become a successful tester ?

Dawit’s Avatar
Dawit Nov 01, 2022 358 views

What classes are good to take in highschool if I want to go into a computer field ?

I am a junior in highschool, and I love things that are tech related and want to pursue my career further but I am unsure of what classes to take my senior year. I am taking AP computer science principles right now with intent to take computer science A next year.