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How many hours do Fine Artists work on an average?

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2 answers

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Gale’s Answer

Hi, I am a Fine Artist in my spare time. I have exhibited my work online and via art galleries. The number of hours one works depends on many factors and can vary greatly. The medium used, the size of the artwork, and whether you have a deadline all play a factor. I have artist friends who work full-time and work eight hours a day, others do not have set hours as they work to complete commissions. Another artist I know has been working on a collection for two years for a solo project that will be on display starting this weekend.

I have worked on an oil painting over a weekend, Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday for a combined 22 hours. It is easy to get lost in time especially if creating fine art is your passion. There are other times where a piece, using acrylics has only taken me four hours.

Fine Artists not only create artwork they also run seminars on how to interpret Fine Art, teach studio art courses through community venues, museums(e.g Smithsonian), or as professors at college. Teaching a course at the Smithsonian on rotation for example would mean working approximately 6.5 hours for that month including teaching and adding time for preparing for the course work.

The possibilities and opportunities are limitless, especially with social media. Now anyone in the world can see your artwork.

Gale recommends the following next steps:

Follow a favorite artist via IG or another social media platform.
Attend a gallery opening, have a few questions ready in advance to ask the artist.
If you want to be a self-employed artist you have to include time for the business side(e.g. tracking expenses, costs for supplies and marketing if applicable)
Enjoy the journey
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Charles’s Answer

A fine artist works a lot but can work from home so you must have self discipline and be self-motivated
Working from home will not help you
Earn more . Fine artist are freelancers
This means you have deadlines
And no one to remind you
Or help you. With questions

Fine artist is not a easy career
Forget about a pet .