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What schools in California have either a good finance, accounting, or banking programs that will help me with my future career?

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3 answers

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Barbara’s Answer

Hi there! There are plenty of good business colleges in California. For example: University of Southern California, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley and LA. The link that was provided by Will is a great resource too!
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Will’s Answer

Hi Lily,

Check out this list for best schools in CA for finance and accounting.

Once you gather some work experience, check the best schools in CA for MBA.

Hope it helps.
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Adan’s Answer

Hey Lily, I went to the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and absolutely loved my time there. Although the program is a business administration program with no technical specializing in finance, accounting or banking, we have a lot of classes in these fields that you can take. Additionally, many companies reach out to our school to recruit and don’t really care that your major isn’t specific. I currently work in finance/banking and like I said, I’m a business administration major and I have many friends in marketing as well from Haas. Good luck on your school search!