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What things you do to meet every standard?

I Am 15 years of age , 5'2 I am in 9th grade and I would love to become a fashion model one day later in life. I am asking this question because I want to know what to do and how could I become a future fashion model. #apparel-and-fashion #model #modeling #fashion #fashion-industry

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2 answers

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Sara’s Answer

While opportunity for non-standard models are becoming more prevalent, it’s an incredibly difficult field to be successful in. The grueling work of maintaining specific measurements and weight...

well, if that is the field that really interest you, then I would recommend you start working out five days a week. I would recommend Pilates, yoga, and tai chi or another martial art of your choice. You have to think of your body as the physical representation of your business, therefore it becomes your business to brush your teeth three times a day, to see your dentist regularly, too see a hairstylist regularly. Avoid extremes of fashion because you never know what kind of model assignment you may be called for. Manicures and pedicures are part of the job-so you might want to consider another job while you are building your modeling business.

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Nancy’s Answer

Hi Desiree,
Unfortunately, your question got cut off...what is it that you're looking to do?
Thanks, Nancy