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Where are some good modeling agencies?

I am 15 years old , I stay in laurinburg nc. Two years ago that's what I only talked about becoming is a fashion model. I Would like to know about them modeling agencies so I can go ahead and maybe start looking now. #fashion-shows #model #modelling #modeling #fashion #fashion-industry

Hello Desiree! I am a Fashion Model from L.A. currently living in Europe for modeling. If you are truly interested in trying, you may do some research of near by agencies and either send them a few basic photos (just shot with a phone is okay!) and/or walk into agencies when they have "Open Call" times for new girls. The industry is demanding and competitive. A lot of sacrifce goes into it and the biggest reward over all is the travel. Every girl works differently depending on where you are "the model market" for each city is vastly different, meaning they are looking for different kinds of girls etc. it's worth a shot if its something you are interested in trying , although keep you mind open to different possibilities. goodluck! XO Jamie D.

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Michelle’s Answer

Hi, Desiree R. I found a listing of the modeling agencies near you. You can find them at :


There seems to be a few that you could contact. Keep watch for ads that may say they are seeing models at a particular time. Actually, check out their websites and get on their e-mail lists. Keep a realistic outlook and know that work is based on type and don't take anything personally. I hope this proves to be a help for you. Have fun pursuing your modeling career !

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Contact local model agencies
Register on model agency websites
Watch for notices from agencies looking for Models