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Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Production Occupations
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Hanna Oct 19, 2020 319 views

Do you have to get your lvn license to be an rn

#career #college

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Vidhi Aug 31, 2020 621 views

Can I finish my Graduate at an Ivy league after attending ASU online

I am getting my bachelor of software engineering from ASU. But I am still planning to finish my PhD in an ivy league such as Havard or Carnegie Mellon. Can someone tell me if these will accept my degree as a valid one?

#computerscience #college #ivyleague #havard #ASU #software

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Jessica Jul 16, 2020 394 views

Does cosmetology come up to talent or education?

#college #makeup

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Harry May 17, 2020 414 views

Can I take the family pet to college? Will caretaking be too hard and is it even allowed?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #college

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Emma Mar 06, 2020 875 views

Is it better to take out a loan or to just pay the tuition?

I like to read and I like to write. I am blond. I have 4 sisters and 2 older and 2 younger. Only one of my older sisters is going to college.

#college #financial #financial-planning #money #student

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Ralph Mar 05, 2020 1046 views

How much education, and or training do you typically need to work in IT?

#it #education #information-technology #computer #college

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Sourabh Feb 22, 2020 561 views

Take 2 or 3 years of world/foreign language?

I am a sophomore currently choosing courses for next year. I would like to drop Spanish completely as I have completed my school's graduation requirement of 2 years so that I can double up on science classes and take AP Biology and Physics Honors. However, I have been told by my guidance...

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Hannah Oct 24, 2016 981 views

How rigorous is the CNM medical program at Baylor?

I am going to become a CNM and would like to know the difficulty of the program at Baylors school of medicine? #registered-nurses #nurse-midwife #nurse #nursing #medicine #healthcare #college-bound #premed

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keon Jun 26, 2019 454 views

what are three important things i should know about welding

#career #college

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Anjali Feb 04, 2020 520 views

How to make the most out of my Gap Year?

I am a junior pre-med student and plan on taking 1 Gap Year. I have already taken my MCAT and don't feel like I need to retake it. I also have experienced research throughout college and don't have the passion to continue with that. I am a finance major and am considering using that degree to...

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Allie Feb 06, 2020 693 views

What do i need to do to go into Human Trafficking?

I am a Junior in High school. I have been trying to figure out how God wants to use me in this world. He has really laid human trafficking on my heart lately, and i feel like that is something he wants me to go into. I though i wanted to be a high school history teacher, but that dream seems...

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Aug 18, 2019 753 views

If I get a bachelors in Criminal Justice what would the next step be for me to become a crime scene investigator.

#criminal-justice #criminology #forensics #law

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Feb 04, 2020 488 views

Any classes you had taken in criminal justice? Any classes you believe you should of taken?

#criminal-justice #college #criminology

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Emily Nov 14, 2019 492 views

What are the best colleges to go to if I want to go into a career with animals?

I am interested in going into a career with animals. I still am undecided as to what specific profession I would like to go into but I was wondering what some of the better colleges would be to attend to be able to achieve this. #animals #college #undecided #career

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Zachary Feb 09, 2017 1466 views

What are some of the main/most prominent U.S.-based colleges that offer courses in Apparel Design?

I'm considering the notion of pursuing a career in Fashion Design, and I want to know which institutions would best prepare me for a successful career. #fashion #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-merchandising #apparel