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No qualifications want to go to university or study abroad

I left school with the minimum amount of GCSE's and I want to study abroad or go to university to change my life is it impossible for me to achieve this and how would I be able to do this? college career university career-counseling advice college-advice career-advice life-coach

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2 answers

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Jordan,

Based on your question, I am assuming you are from Great Britain where you can graduate with a general certificate instead of spending the next two years in A level coursework needed to be accepted into university in Great Britain?

In the US, some of the certificates can be used for acceptance into a college, but you will likely need to take some remedial level courses while in college. If you are thinking of studying in the US, I recommend having your transcripts evaluated by a US 3rd party evaluator to determine what level of high school education in accordance with US standards. It will give you a better idea of what additional courses you would need to into a university here. I've included a link to a couple of acknowledgments evaluators here in the US to contact for price. You will want a course by course evaluation. That's what most US universities want to see for acceptance.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Ann recommends the following next steps:
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Susan’s Answer

To get into college/university you will need a H.S. diploma or equivalent. If you have that, you could first apply at a local Community College and take courses in a field in which you have an interest, aiming for an Associate Degree. Then, you could transfer to a 4-year school and continue in your original field or change majors. Studying overseas could also be a possibility depending on your major and the school - many have formal programs with an affiliated school in another country.