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What is more important: Programming Languages or Bilingual Languages when it comes to Information Technology in Business?

Currently, I am earning a degree in Information Systems Technology but plan on going into a transferable degree. What I am leaning towards is working as an administrative assistant and working my way up in the business world. Although, I am a little curious on what would suit the job better. #business-management #information-technology #computer-programming #project-management #office-administration #it-management #bilingual #system-administration

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4 answers

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Karla’s Answer

Hi, Brandon! Here's my advice, try to focus on expanding your spoken and written language skills. Bilingual or even multi-lingual folks have an advantage in terms of advancing in a business career, since you'll be able to communicate effectively with a wider variety of clients or co-workers. It'll also help you in your life outside of work! You can become more social a lot more easily. Programming languages are important, but can be picked up on your free time a lot easier than a second or third language. Take it from a Puertorrican whose native language is Spanish, but picked up English and French in school. It opened up all the possibilities of working outside of Puerto Rico.

Karla recommends the following next steps:

Download Duolingo on your smartphone and pick up a second language (Spanish is my recommendation)
Enroll in a languages course in school
Practice in your free time

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Narendra’s Answer

It truly depends on what type of job you are interested in doing but you should also pay close attention to what type of jobs will be available in the market in near future. As automation and robotics are penetrating the job the market, more and more future jobs will demand advance technical knowledge.

So if you want to stay into core technology field, a programming language would be a good choice but if you would like to be on the customer facing aspect of the job that involves international market, a bilingual degree would definitely help.

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Patrick’s Answer


Great question. In my experience, as a native english speaker, having a solid foundation in programming languages is more beneficial for folks who wish to work in the IT/technology space in design and general operations roles.

If your preference is to become a customer facing business professional (and the critical element there is the customer facing piece) working in an international setting e.g. an account manager, then having language expertise will be an advantage.

Hope that helps

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subbu’s Answer

For IT, of course learning few programming languages are good. But if you are working with Clients/Teams who speaks different language ,it helps to learn that language to establish a good working relationship.