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How do i become a Web designer?

I am a junior in High School, still deciding what i want to pursuit in a career. I really like surfing on the internet and explore the different features on Social media. I spent a lot of time online and on my phone. I recently use wix to create a Website for an after school program and i really liked it. #social-media #web-design #web-development #mobile-applications #web-applications #mobile-app #web-analytics #web-content

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4 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer


Web designers are equal parts artist and engineer! It's a very cool field to go into and talented designers have a ton of great opportunities, but gaining experience is key. Even learning some basic coding skills and understanding how some different design software works while you're still in high school (or early in college) will help you out a lot as you get into that coursework in college or a design/coding academy. Then gaining experience freelancing for friends or local businesses or non-profits (maybe on a volunteer basis at first) will help you gain valuable experience and build a solid portfolio of work to show to college design programs or future employers.

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Krystal’s Answer

Hi Leonardo,

It's so great that you have an interest in designing for the web. Are you more interested in web design or coding/developing?

I am a web designer, not a developer. I design and lay out what the user sees when they visit a webpage and then someone else on my team, the developer, develops the code that makes it work.

Sometimes front end developers also fill the role of web designers, but this is rare. Often, a person is one or the other with an interest, or some experience, in both. For example, I work with a front end developer who has experience and knowledge in graphic design, but who's primary role is that of a developer.

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Sungho’s Answer

There are a lot of parts for Web designer , in front end UI & UE design , backend coding and programming and also for Database building etc. Because you are still Junior, I suggest you can try to take some courses or learn your self about design related and tech coding related ,also for some User experience related knowledge. Data analysis is also one of the booming fields in online business management , very close connect with website deisgn

I think that is good to try to create a website using some of the open tool , in this stage do more experience it and find out what you are really interested in is the most important . Find out it and love it and pay your time in it. Good Luck

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Adam’s Answer

Check out UDEMY, you can usually find $10 coupons for most classes