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Leonardo H. Feb 23, 2017 669 views

How do i become a Web designer?

I am a junior in High School, still deciding what i want to pursuit in a career. I really like surfing on the internet and explore the different features on Social media. I spent a lot of time online and on my phone. I recently use wix to create a Website for an after school program and i...

#social-media #web-content #web-applications #web-development #mobile-app #web-design #mobile-applications #web-analytics

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W. C. Y. Apr 02, 2017 692 views

Where can I get more information about the industry of digital marketing?

Hi! If I want to know more about the latest information prospects or salaries, which website should I visit? thanks...


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Bill H. May 05, 2017 658 views

what type of science do y'all recomend

i want to be some type of scientist....


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billy P. May 05, 2017 522 views

what do video designers look for in hiring

i want to know if i have what it takes...


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Eris D. May 08, 2017 447 views

Are there any tips that will help me become a professional artist?

I'm hoping to become a professional artist and maybe even be hired to illustrate...