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What are all kinds of jobs about medicine?

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I want to learn medicine in the future. Are there any other jobs related to medicine except for doctor and nursing? #medicine #college-major #university #career-counseling #job #choosing-a-major #profession

2 answers

Chandra’s Answer


There are all sorts of jobs in the medical field aside from being a physician or a nurse. When I started out in the healthcare field, I started in the billing office of a hospital working as an administrative assistant. I learned there how many different roles are related to healthcare outside of direct patient care. I didn't want to be a doctor or a nurse because when I was younger surgery and bodily fluids did not sound like something for me. I decided I did like what is often referred to as the back-end or administrative side of health care -- medical billing and coding. I also really liked working with doctors to help them understand how they needed to document the services they were providing to ensure the insurance companies understood the need for those procedures / services and didn't dispute payment with the providers. Now, I provide management consulting services in a variety of administrative areas: I provide physician education, conduct medical record audits, identify gaps and problems in the revenue cycle, etc.

There are also many other roles involved in direct patient care: physical therapists, nutritionists, audiologists, pharmacists, etc.

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Emily’s Answer


When I was in college I had a job doing business consulting for graduate students, staff and professors at my University to help commercialize (bring to market) their technologies/research/ideas. Many of the technologies I dealt with were in the medical field because I went to a research University with a large hospital. I had to learn basic knowledge in a variety of medical fields so that I could mentor them through the process of commercialization.

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