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Is coding a hard focus area for a Computer Engineer?

Hi, I am a senior Computer Engineering major. I have no experience in the field and I would like to be able to get into the field without being completely lost.

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4 answers

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Dhanabal’s Answer

Start learning new stuffs ! IT industry is every day learning experience.
below are something you should try to focus on
Problem solving skills
Algorithms and Data Structure
Programing language ( Java , GO , Python, React , Angular ) - choose what you like , all are hot cakes
Communication Skills

Read and get hands-on, try one problem a day. You will be able to get in to Top Tech companies in 6 months! All the Best!
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Randy’s Answer


Salute to you for majoring in Computer Engineering. As someone who works in the world of software, I'm happy to report that it's been a pretty rewarding industry, where possibilities are extensive and full of interesting opportunities.

My first piece of advice to you would be to get involved in the global/online dev community. There are communities on LinkedIn, Dev to, and even local Meetups that are full of friendly developers. Also, look into how you can take advantage of the open source world on GitHub — this can get you valuable experience and help you grow your skills.

After that, please consider seeking out internships. In internship programs, you'll take your academic experience and bring it to life with a company. Good thing is that there are such thing as virtual internships as well. Again, check out LinkedIn, Indeed, or any job board, for internship opportunities that line up with your career goals.

Remember, not everyone comes out of college with real world experience, ready to tackle real projects for their first job. But, by getting involved in the online dev community and by taking advantage of internship programs, you're setting yourself up for actual experience that will serve you in the long run.

Best of luck, Jervoris.

We're rooting for you!

Randy recommends the following next steps:

Join online dev communities via LinkedIn, DevTo, and even local Meetups
Learn about Open Source and join GitHub to help with real world projects
Search for Internship programs available near you, or virtually
Make connections with other developers on social media platforms
Remember, it's a marathon and not a race. Have fun, and pace yourself.
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Arvind’s Answer

It doesn't require hard focus on learning but knowing how does our brains work. It's all about logical thinking given that our basic fundamentals are strong and ability to simulate any given scenarios in mind.
Computer science is originated by humans only not vice versa. No Rocket science. Yes Data structure, algorithm, system design, scalability of solutions should be preliminary requirements obviously. If you know your strengths then trust me, you will never be lost. Most of people learn swimming in pool but great swimmers are those who know how to swim in a, stormy sea against the tides.. You will do the best my friend, just have self belief

Arvind recommends the following next steps:

Data Structures, Algorithm
Learning the new edge technology
Work hard and play nice but win
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Nikhil’s Answer

Computer Engineering is a broad field. You can get into coding software, testing software, embedded programming or building hardware.

There are different computer languages for each of the above broad categories. You can learn any language online for free.

Software ( python, c++ , java, perl)
Embedded Prog. ( C )
Hardware ( vhdl and verliog)

I would suggest dabble a bit in all spaces. See what you like. Once you narrow down dig deeper.

All the best. Let me know if you need more help.
Thank you comment icon Thanks so much! So far I really like C++ but I’ve heard python is the easiest to learn. I’ve only had a small dabble years ago in both Java and python. Jervoris B.