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Tech Career Goals

I am currently going into my third semester of college. In my first two semesters, I've been focusing on nursing, completing the classes for applying to the program. Unfortunately, I couldn't apply to the nursing program for the two semesters. Now going into the third, it's time for me to figure out what I want to do. I have been going back and forth with what really interests me, what I can see myself doing.

I've become interested in computers and technology. Before, I thought that nursing was a career I saw myself doing. Now I've had an interest in computers, and tech. It is something that I see myself doing. I need advice for furthering my interest and different careers that can help. I've had a part-time job where I have to enter information from a book onto Excel, also creating stories for fun on Episode. What is a career that can put me in that direction?

Thank you comment icon Hi Abigail! This is a great question, and thanks for providing so much helpful information for Professionals. Could you edit the title of your question to something that is more specific? It will help you get even more awesome advice from Pros if they know more or less the decision you have arrived at. Thanks so much for using CareerVillage! Alexandra Carpenter, Admin
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4 answers

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Randy’s Answer


The world of tech is so wide open, and there are tons of opportunities to research and pursue. As you know, technology continues to become more integrated with our lives, so it's safe to assume that having strong skills in tech will be useful throughout your career.

There are tons of roles that 'use computers'. Everything from being an Office Administrator and or Executive Assistant, to being a Software Engineer or UX Designer; these all use computers in their day to day work.

However, narrowing in on your interests and seeing that you enjoy using Episode to create storylines, you might also consider roles in Animation, Visual Design, or Content Design, perhaps as part of a Marketing agency (these roles would leverage some of the coolest computer technology as well).

Some roles to research:
- Visual Designer
- Graphic Illustrator
- Content Writer
- Content Designer
- Motion Designer
- Animator

At any rate, continue to do research and keep asking questions so that you acquire the right mental model of where to take your passions.

Best of luck!
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Randy for the advice. Abigail P.
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Deepak’s Answer


Randy provided a great list of potential roles based on your current interest.

I just wanted to focus on one aspect of technology based on your interest on creating stories. Today, there's a great deal of emphasis in any web-related or mobile-related application, on the Customer eXperience (CX) or User eXperience (UX), and moving from screen to screen.

UX designers are in high demand as they help to prototype web or mobile apps on UX software platforms, and can see how these apps might behave on web browsers or mobile phones, even before actually writing a single line of code. It's easier and cheaper to correct mistakes in a UX prototype, than during the actual development of software code. This is an area you might want to look at, by seeing if you can take an introductory level class that might be offered in your Computer Science department or on one of the online education sites such as Coursera, Udacity, EdX etc.

An example tool to look at and maybe play around a little bit with, by getting a free account, is InVision Studio: They have some sample templates that will give you an idea of what a UX designer does.

Wishing you all the very best as you explore possible carriers that fit your interests.
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Deepak! Abigail P.
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Rebecca’s Answer

Thank you for your question. There are a lot of differences of a nursing jobs and technology work. In fact, technology work is more than using an excel. In Tech, there are different kinds of jobs, e.g. development, system administration, application support, technical support, etc. All of these jobs require different skills.
I would suggest you consider approach below before you deciding to change your career path from nurse to technology :
1. Find out more on different types of Tech jobs and determine whether you really have interest on them
2. Speak to someone who is really working in Tech field
3. Seek advise from Career Counselor in school or your parents
4. Find out the criteria in the college to switch the major if you decide to change to Tech
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
Thank you comment icon Rebecca, thank you! Abigail P.
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Lee’s Answer

Going to take you in a different direction. As others have stated, tech is a wide open opportunity with many different areas to work in. One that can combine what you are working on today is medical technology. All of the tech in a hospital is designed, manufactured, programmed, installed, trained the users, and repaired when it breaks by someone. This gives a wide range of opportunity to leverage both of your interests. For any tech position having a solid understanding of Microsoft Office is important. Depending on where you want to land will determine if you need more technical vs people skills vs troubleshooting skills. This can be a very lucrative profession if you can break into the right company.

Lee recommends the following next steps:

Thank you comment icon Lee, thank you! Abigail P.