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New York, New York
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My goal is to learn and become either a computer tech or somewhere in the tech field. I am currently unsure as to what tech career will be best for me to pursue, but I have interested in inputing data on Excel. Also like to learn more about it.



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Abigail Jun 14, 2022 604 views

CS intro class

I thank all the people who have given me the advice I can use. Would it be recommended to take an intro to the computer science class to see if I would like to major in Computer Science?

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Abigail Jun 07, 2022 641 views

Tech Career Goals

I am currently going into my third semester of college. In my first two semesters, I've been focusing on nursing, completing the classes for applying to the program. Unfortunately, I couldn't apply to the nursing program for the two semesters. Now going into the third, it's time for me to...