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Which are the best courses to take if I am aiming to become an ER nurse?

Updated Fremont, California

I am a junior in high school and I am having trouble finding which path I should take to increase my chances of going into the career I want to pursue. I know that I want to go to nursing school but I also know that this career is very competitive. Which courses should I take to guide me towards earning a BSN degree when I go to college? Are there any SPECIFIC recommended courses I should think about? What about internships for experience? #nurse #internships #courses #anatomy #er #bsn #career-details

2 answers

Debra’s Answer

Updated Roswell, Georgia

You should take what most high school students consider a college prep curriculum. This will include composition/English, Sciences (probably Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry), and Math (at least Algebra and Geometry). Any college degree requires the completion of core curriculum which typically includes two English courses, math, science, etc. You typically complete these core courses before you move on to your major coursework. However, some programs build in your major courses during with those core courses. Your college nursing program will certainly include course heavy in Science - including anatomy and chemistry. And there will be "pre-requisite courses " such as taking Biology before you are allowed to take Anatomy (for example). You can look up college degree programs and the required courses for a specific degree online in college catalogs. You can also find recommended and required High school course work for specific degree programs on college websites or in college catalogs (online); look for admission requirements.

Jessica’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California
You should looking into volunteering, best to start in inpatient hospital, urgent care clinic to see if ER is a good fit, getting your EMT would be a plus! Also start looking into jobs in the hospital CNA, EMT and even just being assistant, that way you can prepared and make network connections. Start looking a pre-reqs and show your interest early! Best of luck to you