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Is it important and helpful to join clubs or organizations in college?

Updated San Antonio, Texas

I am a full time student in college and have been interested in joining a couple of organizations but I have not committed. #collegelife #college #academic #academic-advising #college-advice

6 answers

Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
Hi Nathali! Definitely! I highly encourage you to be active in your college even if you are a full-time student. Student organizations help you to meet new people, they look great on your resume, and they're fun! Also, when it comes time for you to interview for jobs, recruiters/interviewers love to hear about your experiences in those student organizations. It's always great to have leadership experiences because they could help you answer a question asked by your interviewer. Eventually, you may chose to be an officer for your student organization and that will also look great on your resume! There's a ton of student organizations in college. Consider joining a student organization that's relevant to your interests or major. Most importantly, use the opportunity to learn something about yourself, serve the community around you, grow as a person, meet new people and have fun! Thanks for reaching out for advice! Good luck, Nathali.
Joining clubs and organizations are always helpful in getting to meet people and exploring new interests and opportunities. If you're starting out and new to joining a club you may want to find something that interests you. As you get used to joining clubs and meeting new people you may want to join a club just to explore new interests.

Cailin’s Answer

I recently graduated from a four year university with no real club/organization experience myself and I can tell you with 100% certainty that I regret not ever becoming more involved on campus! Joining a club or organization can look extremely good on your resume for a variety of reasons depending on the club/organization. Moreover, it provides you with access to a host of new friends, references, and networking opportunities! There is usually a vast selection of clubs to choose from, and like Elizabeth said, I would recommend choosing one that's relevant to your major or interests-- even your future career choice or simply something that provides volunteer experience. If there is nothing that interests you enough to commit to, you can always try starting your own club too. I'm pretty sure most, if not all, colleges will allow students to start a new club. If you're interested in going down that path, try researching the steps to doing so for your school in particular. Best of luck!

Lena’s Answer

Hi Nathal, There are three main positive impacts of getting involved: it grows your network and builds relationships, it allows you to advance your skill set and lastly, it avoids burnout. Getting involved in clubs or other opportunities at your college allows you to grow your network and interact with people you otherwise wouldn’t have met, especially at a big school. Skill development is an additional asset to being involved in side activities. In school, the time spent outside of the library allows you to gain additional skills such as leadership by being captain of your sports club per say, or speaking skills by being on the debate team. Lastly, getting involved avoids burnout. Knowing that there is more to work than the day to day tasks empowers us, energizes us and allows us to see school as something greater and enjoyable. College is not designed for you to live in the library. Beyond course work, college is for meeting new people, gaining new skills and enjoying one's freedom!

Bhavna M’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
For your all-round development and to up-skill your your talent, YES! Participating and being a part of these clubs is definitely one of the best ideas. It keeps you active and engaged. All The Best!

Herman’s Answer

Updated California, California
Hi Nathali, I think it is important to join organizations while you are in college. College is the best time to meet people, and network. Many people I met in student organizations in college, are still people I occasionally talk to nowadays. Ultimately, it is a good way to network and make life-long friends. Additionally, you could perhaps meet other people in your classes and form study groups! I highly suggest joining some clubs and organizations if you have the time to spare. Best regards, Herman

Susan’s Answer

Updated Bolingbrook, Illinois

Oh my gosh YES! I don't know if I can recommend this more! Yes, you are going to go to college to learn things towards your future profession but it's so much more than that. Joining clubs or organizations helps you meet like minded people and find people you want to spend time with. There is such a huge social aspect to college - joining clubs helps you navigate that and you can usually find a couple of friends to go along with you as well. It's a great opportunity to branch out and try something that is a little outside of your comfort zone. Go for it!