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Which university should I go to run a salon?

Is almost time to choose my university, my dream is run a salon especially for nails
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2 answers

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Kyle’s Answer

Hey Lidia,

Thanks for the question! If you want to run a nail salon, you should try to find a beauty school to go to! If you want to stay in Michigan make an internet search for beauty schools around your area as I did with this Google search: https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS760US761&q=beauty+schools+michigan&oq=beauty+schools+mich&gs_l=psy-ab.3.0.0j0i22i30k1l9.590154.593730.0.595555.
Or you could look for schools outside the state, depending on where you want to go. Since you also want to run your own salon, you may want to look for universities that have entrepreneurial programs which could help you work towards the goal of running your own salon. Let me know if this helps!



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Ashley’s Answer


As a fellow salon owner I know the struggle. I would first recommend that you get your license in your state that allows you to be a nail technician. If you want a degree I would recommend a major in management. However, after getting your license I would recommend that you go work at a busy nail salon. School teaches you the basics and enough to pass your state board test. An actual salon will teach you everything else. Before you have your own salon you need to build up your skills. It can be difficult to manage other techs but dont let this discourage you. Working in a salon(s) before having your own helps you to see different management styles and ways of running a business that you may or may not like and then with a combination of your own style you will hopefully be able to run your nail salon successfully.

Best wishes