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What are advantages and disadvantages of aeronautical and mechanical engineering??

I am studying in 12th at present and very soon i need to decide which case of study should i take in engineering i am very much interested about aeronautics but all people are saying taking aeronautics at engineering gives you less opportunities there after so they were asking me to take mechanics and later u can do specialized course in aeronautics but i am confused and please help me!! #mechanical #mechanical-engineering or #aeronautical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #mechanics #aeronautics

I reckon you decide carefully on what you really want to do. sidh S.

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3 answers

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Ratheesvar (Theesh)’s Answer

Hi Ganapathi,

I studied Aerospace Engineering (B.Sc and M.Sc) at Georgia Tech (in Atlanta, GA) and I now work as a technology consultant. Aerospace Engineering is a very interesting field, but it is also a very specialized one. Unless you are absolutely sure that you want to work as an aerospace engineer, you are likely much better off starting your college education in Mechanical Engineering. That way, you will be exposed to a much wider body of knowledge, allowing you more flexibility when choosing what to pursue in depth later on, whether that is A.E. or something else entirely. It is fairly common and easy to switch from M.E. to A.E. when moving from college to grad school. Another option is to major in M.E. and pick up a minor in A.E.

Having said that, if you are 100^% sure that you want to work as an aerospace engineer, go ahead and study A.E. However, the job prospects for aerospace engineers aren't nearly as plentiful as for mechanical engineers, since the field is very specialized, as I mentioned before. Also, think about where in the world you would like to work and what restrictions you may face. I am an Indian citizen, and therefore I couldn't work in the aerospace industry in the US (since jobs in the aerospace industry in the US require you to be a permanent resident (Green card holder) or a citizen, for security reasons). Similar restrictions may exist in other parts of the world, so I'd strongly recommend you do some thorough research on job prospects before making any decisions.

In summary, first think carefully about what exactly you want to do in your career. If you're unsure about what that it is right now (which is extremely likely at your age), consider studying M.E. at the undergraduate level and specializing in A.E. later on (if that is still what you want to do.). Also, consider the job prospects in the region of the world you would like to work in before making your choice.

I'd be happy to answer any further questions you may have (e.g. about my experience studying A.E., what colleges to consider in the US, etc.).

Kind regards,

Theesh Mohan

Can you suggest me some of best AE colleges in india! And please tell me whats the difference between aviation and aeronautical engineering!! Ganapathi S.

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Douglas’s Answer

I am a Mechanical Engineer. In answer to your question, you should at first realize that Aeronautical Engineering is a branch or off-shoot of Mechanical Engineering. I believe that unless you are 100% set on working in the "airplane field" that you consider starting your education in Mechanical Engineering which is a much broader field with many more job opportunities in many different industries. If after the first 2 years of college you then decide that aeronautical engineering is really what you want to do, you can then specialize and transfer into an aeronautical engineering program. You could also, complete your mechanical engineering degree and then enter a master's program in aeronautical engineering.

Before making a final decision, you might consider investigating several of the on-line job posting web sites for the two types of engineering to see the types of jobs offered and which ones are most appealing to you. Better yet, if you can find an aeronautical engineer - working in the field- who could give you a specific idea of what you would be doing, if you worked in that field.

I have a cousin with a Mechanical Engineering Degree who got a job as an ME with a major defense contractor. He eventuallyworked his way up to a job, with them, designing military drones.

Good Luck,

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Eduardo’s Answer

Hello Ganapathi,

I agree with the comments above. I highly encourage you to study Mechanical Engineering since this is a broad and exciting field that can be applied to many industries. During your studies, you'll be able to take selective classes such as Aerospace/Aeronautical and then decide if you really want to focus on this branch of engineering. However, Aero is a very limited and specialized field, and it is not available in many states/countries as other Mechanical Engineering fields. Therefore you may be required to relocate if you are willing to find the right job.

Hope this helps and good luck with your studies!