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Where and how can I job shadow a Mechanical Engineer?

Updated Fontana, California

I decided to do my Senior Project on Job Shadowing a Mechanical Engineering. I want to learn about the job and see how the lifestyle is. I also want to know if I really want to pursue these career. #mechanical-engineering #job-shadowing #engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #mechanical-engineer

4 answers

Mohannad’s Answer

Updated Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
hello , well, you need to know that mechanical engineering is has a wide collection of different fields like ,automotive , power plants,mechanics of materials , hydraulic systems, constructions.. and many more. also keep in mind that countries over the world have different job regulations and job duties, so there isn't only 1 job for mechanical engineer there are many.

Glenn’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
You have 2 great answers above. There are a lot of very different jobs for mechanical engineering. You can do some research to narrow down which ones you would like to learn more about before shadowing someone for a day. The other thing to understand is that there is not a typical day for a mechanical engineer. I like this field because it is not the same thing every day. In additional to your guidance counselor, and if you don't know someone in the field, there are places like the Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Plastic Engineers, the Rotary Club, and other organizations than can help connect you with people in your area.

Virginia’s Answer

Updated Marietta, Georgia
Hi Kanwarpreet - I am assuming that you are a Senior in High School? If so, speak with your guidance counselor. A lot of times they have connections at colleges that can give you a good overview on what jobs their students get after graduation. Ask family friends to see if any of them work in that field and if not, if they know anyone they can contact for you. Another option is to look for a STEM outreach program in your area that would be willing to connect you with persons in the field. Mohannad is also right. There are a ton of different fields that use mechanical engineers. I think once you see who you could connect with, that might define which ones you could do a full project on.

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington

I see you live in Fontana, CA. Nearby, in Pomona, lie Cal Poly-Pomona, a technical school with lots of engineers. I suggest you go online and see if they have a mechanical engineering department. You could ask to set up a tour of the department and to talk with several ME professors.

Good luck, Pete Sturtevant