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What's something that I should bring to my college dorm that people wouldn't think to bring?

Going to be going to college in the Fall (of course)! I have a history of being unprepared and want to make my first year as stress free as possible.

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I definitely recommend a heater. I myself am not in college quite yet, but heater I think is an essential. I have a small heater I bought from Amazon and it works magic. Bringing the heater though is definitely debatable, I don't think you'll really need one if you're going to a college in Arizona or somewhere nice and warm. Besides that, I wish you the best of luck in finding other things :) Kathryn A.

Bring a first aid kit and hand sanitizer. You never know when someone will get sick in your dorm and next thing you know you're all sick. Also, the first aid kit is hand for if something happens and suddenly everyone draws a blank on where they can get some bandaids. Everything else I would recommend is pretty standard though like tissues, fridge, etc. Christa H.

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3 answers

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Claire’s Answer

Hi Angelina,

Congrats on going to college! I've attached a super helpful checklist of what you might need to move into a college dorm. One of the things that I think was very important to have was a water heater because I was able to make coffee, oatmeal, etc. with it and a bedside lamp so I could turn the big light off but still read or work.

Your college Dorm and Residence Life department might also have a list of items they provide for free, such as a dresser, or for lease, such as a microwave. These are different at every school, so I would double check with them as well.

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Katie’s Answer

To make moving in and out of the dorms easier, I suggest a convertible hand truck that will also function as a push cart. For most of my moves, I was able to get all belongings in just two trips from my car to the room. It was easy to store under my bed, and I used it for years after college.

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Tracey’s Answer

Hi Angelina,

Congrats on going to college. It will be one of the most important and memorable times in your life. A few tips on being prepared would be to check out packing lists for colleges dorms online. Most times Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond put out lists around May as well but researching online from now would put you ahead of your peers because you can actually starting getting the items you need.

You will be just fine. Best of luck to you.