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Charlotte, North Carolina
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To have a career where I am both interested in the work I do and it helps solve human problems.

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Angelina Jan 14, 2018 832 views

Love to hear replies on this: What's the happiest experience you've had in college and/or high school? Tell me about it.

I know a lot of us on here are looking at that college scholarship sweepstakes, but take some time away for scholarship searching, and share something. Super cliche, but why the heck not.

#yolo #scholarship #college #hashtag #mental-health #student #education #life

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Angelina Jan 14, 2018 988 views

What's something that I should bring to my college dorm that people wouldn't think to bring?

Going to be going to college in the Fall (of course)! I have a history of being unprepared and want to make my first year as stress free as possible.

#college #dorms #dormlife #freshmen #fall #2018 #classof2022 #student #collegelife