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Necessary attributes for an engineer?

Asked Saint Clairsville, Ohio

Considering everyone you have met in your field, what attributes do you think are essential for success as an engineer?

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4 answers

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington


An important trait for an Engineer is to be able to fully define the nature of a problem you working to solve. Explore the problem from multiple angles. One has to be open to a broad range of approaches for solving the problem. Its not enough to simply apply a solution that worked for you, previously. The simplest, most "obvious" solution may result in other problems further down the road and these must be anticipated and dealt with, up front.

Most great ideas are the result of collaboration with other people. So you should get in the habit of working with others, presenting your ideas for review and discussion. In this manner, you can be made aware of both faults and unseen opportunities in a possible solution. Some of my finest moments during my long career in Civil Engineering were serving on project teams with my engineering peers, working toward the best solutions.

Good, Luck, Pete Sturtevant, PE

Rich’s Answer


An optimist. Believing you can make things better than they are and that you can help make them better. Also being a perfectionist - but understanding that you may not get to 100% perfect.

Douglas’s Answer

Updated Easton, Massachusetts
Hi, If I have to pick one trait that I have seen in all successful engineers it would be their inquisitiveness. Their desire to know why something worked (or didn't work). Along with that would be their ability to focus on a particular problem in search of a solution. Hope this helps.

Simon’s Answer

Updated Greensboro, Georgia
Creativity, a solid understanding of the sciences, good math and calculation skills are basics. A systematic method of problem solving. strong team and communication skills are also important. Reliability and a self starter are also good.