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Should I be worried about moving out of my home state?

Asked San Mateo, California

I plan on moving out of California for college to go up to either Seattle or Portland. I'm also expecting to stay in the area after college instead of returning home. I'm not sure how common this is or even if it would benefit me economically. Something that really worries me is that I won't like the area once I move there. #outofstate #college-bound #seattle #portland #california

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I went to college out of state and then moved to take a job in a different state from where I grew up and went to college. Even if a lot of your immediate peers are staying local, once you leave, you'll find that it's very common for people to move away from where they grew up. Even if you don't end up liking Portland/Seattle, you can always move back home or even elsewhere. Moving to a new place is definitely challenging, but it will force you to grow up quickly and learn more about yourself. Personal development is always a good thing. You may find that you really love Portland/Seattle (I know I do!). You'll never know until you try!

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