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Certifications For Business?

Asked Fort Worth, Texas

I'm asking about certificates because I'm interested in working in the non profit field, and I know that in any field of business, certificates to go along with degrees look good on a resume.
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4 answers

Victoria’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi Yabrina,

This is such a great question and you are definitely on the right track.

I see you are from Fort Worth and you have an excellent community college in your area. I have included the link to Tarrant County College: https://www.tccd.edu/ The great thing about a community college is that it is very reasonable and classes are taught by professionals in your field. There are multiple locations and often there are online options if you can't get to campus.

Check out their Career and Technical Programs for possible ideas about a number of useful careers in Business, Management & Administration: https://www.tccd.edu/academics/cie/workforce-training/career-technical-programs/

Consider meeting a counselor and going over your options and interests. Nonprofits are wonderful places to learn skills and use skills you already have. Business skills are highly transferable. Business is the language of money and organization, it is a key component of non-profit AND for profit businesses. Many students start out volunteering in nonprofits to gain experience and skills that they use in both nonprofit and for profit environments.

Tarrant County offers a career coach website to help you. You can take a Career Assessment, Browse Careers, and Browse Programs: https://tccd.emsicc.com/ . They also offer help building your resume.

When I was starting out, I worked at Habitat for Humanity in the front office doing development. Every time I needed a new skill, I would take a business course and then applied what I learned to my job. When I completed all the business requirements, I then decided to go for my MBA - this was such a great choice and led to so many wonderful opportunities.

The important thing is to get in there and start learning, working, and absorbing as much as you can about business. Find a nonprofit and work and go to school at the same time. You will learn so much and come out of school with valuable experience. Business and STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math) also make a great combination. If you like information systems, consider taking business math, stats, and computer classes also because everyone tends to need help with management information systems. This will open many doors for you too. Here are some next steps to help you identify an area or areas to pursue.

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Victoria recommends the following next steps:

  • Keep a journal of what you are interested in and every time you see something interesting bookmark it or print it and add it to your folder. Pretty soon you will find an area or areas that are a fit for your interests and talents: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems/Technology, Human Resources, Business Analysis, etc. https://tccd.emsicc.com/browse-careers
  • Visit the community college online and then in person to find a program that you are interested in attending. Once you decide on a specific/general course of study, find professional organizations that have a student chapter in your area (DFW)
  • One way to figure out what groups are associated with a particular certificate or certification is to look at the credentials the professors hold and then Google the organizations.
  • Look at the nonprofits in your area that interest you and see what types of business skills they are looking for. Volunteer in the front office and see what skills you enjoy and then go for it!
  • If you can determine what you are most interested in, we/you can figure out what certifications might be a really good fit. Consider business and STEM since this is a power combination and will open many doors.
Thanks for your response. I am actually graduating with my associates degree this Spring from TCC and furthering my education at Texas Wesleyan in the fall. I would love to be in contact with you to further narrow down a desire field because as of yet I haven't found the specific one that speaks to me.

Anchalee’s Answer


Hi Yabrina. I would recommend looking into Project Managment certifications. The knowledge and skills you will acquire while going through the classes to get this certification is certainly applicable in many business units.

Being able to properly plan a project from beginning to end, setting goals, forecasting and reacting positive to changes in project is valuable.

Most colleges/universities will offer project management courses. I'd recommend checking out your local schools and seeing what PM offerings they have. Good luck!

I actually love leadership opportunities and have often been the student who is comfortable enough to lead projects for class, so I will check this out. Thank you!

Brenda’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

There are numerous business certifications. The certification that you need to pursue  depends on  your professional goal.  What type of work do your want to do?  There are project managers, developers, data scientists, and the list goes on in many businesses.  Please see the next steps. 

Brenda recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify the type of work that you would like to do. Then identify jobs that will allow you to do the things you enjoy. Your school counselor or searching the internet can help develop a list of those professions that utilize the skills and things that you enjoy.
  • Once you identify the kinds of jobs that interest you most then research education, certifications, and other credentials required to be good in your field of work.

Patricia’s Answer

Your question is a bit broad; so I do not know what area of business you are interested in. However, here is a link to a certification that is valued in business. http://www.iiba.org/Certification/certificationlevels.aspx