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How do you survive medical/dental school?

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5 answers

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Carl’s Answer

Knowing what I know now, I would go back and do what you are doing now and that is get as much feed back as possible. I have gone though some personality profile tests that has allowed me to better understand myself. Results that not just ell me what my strengths and weeknesses are but tell me why. Had I known what I know now I would probably made some different career decisions. I currently have a BA in Business which is nothing to complain about, however I probably would have pursued some sort of Managment in event planning or Sports Managemnt more intesnly. Not to say I don't love what I do, however there is something to be said with doing what you are passionate about. The old saying, "do something you are passionate about and never work a day in your life" is true in this instance.

Learn your strenths and weaknesses, understand them, then use that inforamtion to go after a career you love!

Hope this helps!

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Richard’s Answer

Time management is key. Between lecture, lab and studying, the first 2 years will be grueling. Make sure to leave time for yourself to exercise, eat right and even some socializing.

There will be times during 3rd and 4th year when you will be frustrated by your continued lack of skills and knowledge but just remember that there will be plenty of time to master your specialty during residency.

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Rachel’s Answer

You will study all day almost every day.

To reduce stress, do the things that allow you to maintain a healthy perspective on life. If you like to run, try to jog regularly to stay healthy. Volunteering can often help to get students out of their study bubble and show them that others have much greater problems than the score on their next test. Many people are heavily involved in church groups and community outreach.

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Kortnee’s Answer

Hello, Mireia!

Congratulations on considering furthering your education!

By studying, eating a balance diet, and having a reasonable social life as an outlet, you can survive medical/dental school.

Best of luck with your educational, personal, and professional endeavors!

Best regards,

Kortnee B.

Kortnee recommends the following next steps:

Talk to some students currently enrolled in medical/dental school and ask them how they balance their studies along with life commitments.

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Vickey’s Answer

Stay calm. Don't fall behind in studies. If you need help, ASK FOR IT. Don't think school 24/7. Have a social life. Don't let them push you around, many will try to get you to do the dirty work, don't do their work. Develop a group of friends, in the same boat as you, and use each other for support. Study in a group. Remember, this too shall pass. Good Luck.