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What would you tell the young version of yourself after graduating high school?

Asked San Jose, California

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Ashish’s Answer

Updated India

Hello dear,

College is one of the best lifetime. If you want to know that which college is best to pursue or Will I do good after college or Do I get what I want? They all are waste questions.

I have chosen the course which no one wants to pursue from my area because that was specialization. Me and 1 more, we 2 have chosen that. That course is related to engineering. But now I am educator.

Important points are

Pursue the career away from home. Enjoy hostel life etc.

Whatever you will pursue do with believe and discipline. Only your believe and discipline can make your life happy and best.

Taylor’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Caitlin, thanks for submitting a question! I would tell the younger version of myself to have fun. After graduating from high school, I had one summer before heading to college and I wish I would have traveled more, spent time with friends, and stayed up too late.

However, it sounds like you are about to graduate or you have graduated and you're unsure what you want to do . Not sure if college is right for you? Are you interested in going to a technical school? Do you not want to go to any more school at all?

I think this is a great article you should read that will hopefully help you make your decision: https://www.thebalance.com/should-you-go-to-college-525564

If you're still unsure after this, meet with an adviser at school, talk to your parents, family, a mentor. I've found the best person to ask is the person you look up to the most, but make sure they're not telling you to do one thing. You need to make the decision for yourself. I hope this helps! Best of luck to you.