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Chan N. Feb 09 86 views

Courses to consider after undergraduate degree

I have a degree in Business Information Systems BSc, have a certificate in ILM Team Leading but would like to update my CV by completing some courses. #nhs #courses #shortcourses #london #uk...


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Anonymous A. Nov 15, 2020 134 views

I need an academic counselor? I'm a junior.

I know my school has counselors, but I feel like this is such an easy platform to get answers. I'm a Junior, and I want to start applying to scholarships. I have high expectations for myself and my future, I really want a head start now. #academiccounselor #nhs...


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Sohaib A. Mar 18, 2018 480 views

Does NHS matter?

At my school, there are a bunch of kids who are in NHS, and they are always praised for their service. When I look at the members, there are some really smart kids in there, but most of them are average students. So my question is, does NHS matter? #nhs #nationalhonorsociety #resume #honors...