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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Jacob Jan 16, 2018 416 views

Do I have a chance of getting into UNC Chapel Hill?

I have always dreamed of attending UNC Chapel Hill, and I understand that their admission requirements are quite prestigious. I’m in my Junior year have roughly a 4.45 cumulative gpa thus far, and a 30 on my ACT. I also have a lot of extracurriculars as well. Do you think I have a good chance...

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Shirley Jun 09, 2020 377 views

How to find volunteer opportunities for research and statistician in the Department of Education?

#research #education #chemistry
I will be finishing a EDS degree in Education in December. I also have an education and professional background in research and statistics.

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hailey Oct 02, 2019 369 views

how would you describe the corperate culture

#doctors #medicine