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Christopher May 28, 2016 848 views

How should I be during medical school admission interview?

I want to be a doctor. I had apply BSMD . I did not got in. I am not a talkative person and I don't want to be corky during my interview. I felt that is the reason I got rejected from medical school admission. #interviews #medical-student

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Paul Jan 15, 2018 588 views

How can I standout after obtaining my degree in order to help my chances of getting a position within the National Security arena?

I know the process is very selective and difficult. I want to be able to stand out among other candidates. #national-security #career

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Anastazia Apr 22, 2018 595 views

What are the best schools for studying homeland security?

I know that some schools have a better reputation than others in general, but what about homeland security programs specifically? I want to make sure that I get the best education available to me within my field. #college #reputation #homeland-security