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John Mauceri

Mgr, Global Virtualization Engineering at Pearson
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Jonathan Apr 18, 2017 8998 views

Whats the difference between computer science and computer engineering?

Those that are looking to go into one of these fields should know the difference. I went to UIUC for an event called SAIL for computer science and wondered if computer engineering was the same. #computer-science #computer-software

David’s Avatar
David Oct 02, 2014 1548 views

What are some of the most lucrative and/or rewarding entry level positions in the Information Technology field?

I am currently taking IT courses in Boston. I just started the program about a month ago and am starting to get curious as to what are some of my options after this course is over. I definitely want to continue my education, however I am not sure what field I want to go into specifically IE...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Sep 24, 2015 12575 views

Between information technology or computer engineering , which of these is harder in math?

im now a student , i love computer works but in math im very low beacause i hate math anymore...... guys pls help me! #computer-engineer