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Jasmine H. Jan 15, 2018 305 views

How do you start your own medical practice?

After college I want to start my own #medical-practice, but I don't know where to start. Is there anything I can do to prepare while in college? #medicine #healthcare...


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Mira J. Nov 06, 2019 107 views

what are the procedures to study medical residency in Georgia for a foreign student please?

i am a medical student in Algeria and i am so interested to study my medical residency in georgia after getting my degree here, is it possible? and what are the procedures please?? i really need help!!! #medicine #residency...


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Alice X. Jul 16, 2020 97 views

What are the similarities and differences between a traditional Chinese medicine doctor with a degree and a modern medical doctor, assuming that they both practice in clinical environments?

I am interested about working in the healthcare realm, and I have considered going to med school. However, recently I came across that you can get degrees in Chinese Medicine Programs. How is this different from simply going to med school, doing the necessary training, and becoming a doctor? I...

#doctor #chinesemedicine #medicine