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Kira Q. Jan 19, 2018 345 views

Would a double major followed by a PhD be too much?

I don't want to spend the rest of my life in school, but I do want to teach at the college level. I'm debating between getting my PhD in history or English/writing. Would it be too much of a hassle to double major and then decide? #double-major #phd #history #writing...


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Mary R. Jan 22, 2018 409 views

What advice do you have for writers who do not have writing as their full-time job?

I have always loved books and stories, and writing is one of the biggest things that I want to "do" in my life. However, I know that it is not practical to assume that as soon as I graduate college, I will publish a best-selling novel and be set for life. I am definitely prepared to get a...

#writing #day-job #creative #priorities

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Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018 303 views

Where do I start looking for jobs when I leave college?

I want to write for Film and TV. #writing #film...