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Willian Nov 18, 2020 520 views

How do tech companies see a degree from an online institution ?

I have recently started my computer science degree at WGU, and I was wondering what people, companies, and experts think about online education nowadays. How does is affect a candidate in a possible job interview in comparison to other candidates who have the same degree in a traditional...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jul 30, 2020 641 views

Training for a job on my resume?

I was hired for a teaching position in March and I completed all the training, but then all the in-person classes were cancelled and they didn't have enough online students for me to teach online. I still technically work there and I'm waiting for classes to return to in-person. Should I...

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Ashley Nov 09, 2020 247 views

What careers are there in the field of robotics

I like music, drawing , and reading . I Am a creative thinker and hard worker and I want to build animatronics and maybe design them .#animatronics #design #creative