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Dyon Martin

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Portland, Oregon
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Manuel Dec 03, 2020 865 views

How many people actually go to college and finish getting their degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and i'm still trying to decide if college is worth the work needed to get in let alone getting your degree. #high-school

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Emily Dec 08, 2020 1059 views

how do i know what job is meant for me

#job #jobs #first-job

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Allison Dec 08, 2020 799 views

What are you favorite coping mechanisms for anxiety?

I am a soon to be college undergraduate - graduate! I am majoring in Psychology at CSUMB. I am very interested in cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology. I have aspirations to get my Masters degree as well as a PhD. #mental-health-counseling #psychologydegree