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Sana Khan

Senior Consultant - Transaction advisory
Doha, Qatar
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Edwin Apr 15, 2021 486 views

How do you balance your career and your normal life?

Growing up and starting your career path seems really time-consuming. I'm wondering how you are able to manage your time so that you still have time to do the things that you love such as sports and gaming.


rahul’s Avatar
rahul Jun 19, 2018 486 views

I am an undergraduate from iit bombay and i have completed 2 years in my college. I am from civil engineering discipline but i have no interest in persuing it further i want to be an investment banker. so can anyone recommend the things which i need to learn inorder to be an investment banker?

i have basic knowledge about finance. I have completed basics of investment banking online course from courseera

#education #business #career #finance

Allen’s Avatar
Allen Apr 26, 2021 385 views

what are the options if we take commerce or science in 11th

what are the options if we take #commerce or #science in 11th

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Apr 26, 2021 917 views

What are some high paying jobs that allow you to travel? (nothing that is related to science though)

I enjoy travelling and hope to become financially stable in the future. I also enjoy business, geography, and reading subjects.
#traveling #travel #business#career