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Paige May 23, 2018 716 views

What is the starting salary for someone in actuary science?

Interested in actuary science, might want to go into the field in the future. #actuary #science #business

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Aug 29, 2018 978 views

What are the best schools for an actuarial science major?

I would like to stay within 300 miles of my home so I'm looking for the best colleges fitting that criteria that offer an actuarial science program. #actuary #centralpa

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Aug 29, 2018 755 views

What is the path for an actuary after college?

More schooling? Testing? Internship? #actuary #careerpath

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Jul 29, 2019 598 views

What do actuaries do on a normal day?

I've looked up definitions of what actuaries do, but I don't know exactly what they do day by day. I just want to get a feel of how it is socially, and ALL that they do, not just a a definition that I don't exactly understand on some website. #actuary #math

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jul 18, 2020 614 views

What is the daily life of an actuary like?

I'm a sophomore studying economics in college. I'm interested in a career in actuarial science, but I'm not sure what's the work of an actuary like. Can an actuary explain what's your daily job like? Thank you!

#JULY20 #actuary

Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Oct 31, 2016 1218 views

How do I become an actuary?

I want to major in statistics to become an actuary, but I don't know what steps to take to get towards that goal. #actuarial-science #actuary

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 24, 2018 878 views

How long does the tests after getting a degree in Actuarial science take?

I know there are many tests but how long do you need in between exams? #actuary #science #actuarial-science #stem

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen May 27, 2018 797 views

What are some different career choices for a future in mathematics or science?

I am really good at math and it is one of my favorite subjects in school, as well as science. The only one I can think of is an actuary, and that type of job seems like it would get boring after doing the same thing for years. #Math #Mathematics #Actuary

John’s Avatar
John Mar 02, 2021 394 views

If I decide a year or two after enrolling in college, will it be too late to switch to actuarial science?

Unsure if I will like actuarial science