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Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 435 views

As a student interested not in just getting rich quick, how can one really learn how to invest their money wisely?

Too often we hear that education systems don't prepare us for real life, but I think they are trying to improve this. But what are some great resources to learn about money management and wealth as a student? investing real-estate-investing money-management...


Alexis B.’s Avatar
Alexis B. Jan 18, 2018 459 views

How to manage money in college

With having to pay for housing and tuition and textbooks, etc etc, how can I manage my money in a smart and efficient way?...


Moises M.’s Avatar
Moises M. Jan 20, 2018 533 views

What are some easy jobs to have during college?

I'm not the richest man or the most well connected man, but I do intend to pursue a higher education so I want some guidance as to what I can do to earn money that wont take too much time out of my education. college-jobs money...