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Yuanbiao’s Avatar
Yuanbiao Oct 24, 2022 207 views

What do you need to learn in high school to become a good programmer and video editor?

In high school, what classes should I take?
How is it helpful?

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Apr 04, 2022 171 views

What are some pathways within the category of computer science?

I know there are many pathways of computer science, but I don't know the specifics of it. I want to know what are some pathways within computer science.

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Apr 04, 2022 185 views

Does building lego counts as a type of engineering?

Galileo student, loves engineering.

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jun 07, 2021 460 views

How to become a better programmer?

I am a freshmen majoring in computer science. #computer-programming

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Oct 19, 2021 199 views

what are the drawbacks of being a computer programmer?

I am a junior in high school and I am considering being a computer programmer. I know a bit of python and am starting to learn c++ and am really enjoying doing so

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Jun 13, 2018 1067 views

What is commonly made using a 3D printer?

What object is most made using a 3D printer? #3dprinter #engineer #technology

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Jun 23, 2021 341 views

What are some of the challenges of becoming a data scientist?

I am a student who has passion for STEM. I am struggling to figure out which career path I belong to. I want a profession that is not boring and something I will love. I think I want to become a data scientist. #stem #technology