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Frances Sep 07, 2021 266 views

Shoud I post links to my youtube videos on other websites like discord or reddit to try to get more views on them ? I have gotten around 300,000 views on all my videos together.

Im into a YouTube career #youtube

Zhengye’s Avatar
Zhengye Sep 28, 2021 527 views

What does it take to be a graphic designer?

What struggles you have to go through

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Sep 28, 2021 287 views

Do you ever get bored of your job?

I’m a student wanting to learn more about greenhouse and nursery managers. #jobs

Ali’s Avatar
Ali Sep 28, 2021 223 views

When do you go to work?

#career I like to play soccer and to play video games.

David’s Avatar
David Sep 28, 2021 319 views

Why did you choose this job?

#career #job #career-path

Jett’s Avatar
Jett Sep 29, 2021 932 views

How do you know when you've aced a project?

#video #video editor

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Sep 28, 2021 274 views

What do you do for a living?

I am happy person. #music