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Nada’s Avatar
Nada Jan 10, 2022 628 views

Any good ideas for what to mojor or minor with journalism? It's my dream to study it but I want to have have something to fall back on.

I'm not really good at math or sciences but I would like to be able to find something that is somehow interlinked with english or journalism so I can maybe use both of them together to help me get a job since i've heard its hard to find one. Thanks in advance and any ideas are appreciated....

Makaylah’s Avatar
Makaylah Nov 09, 2021 514 views

Are there certain classes I that would have to take for photography ?

I want to know how many classes will be required to take in this field. To at least a full beginner. #photography #photos

Rhealyn’s Avatar
Rhealyn May 30, 2018 866 views

What is the best way to graduate college debt free?

How can I graduate college debt free without overworking myself? #debtfree #college #career