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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to graduate high school and earn a scholarship to a college I like that has a good law program.



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Addie Mar 11, 2022 604 views

How can I decide between becoming a defense lawyer or the prosecution.

I don't know how to decide between defense and prosecution, what are some push/pulls or pros/cons?

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Addie Mar 11, 2022 1328 views

Can being a JAG lawyer be a lifelong career or is it a good idea to switch to a civilian job after an amount of time?

I am considering becoming a JAG lawyer but I'm not sure if I should use it to gain experience and then leave the military for a law firm or if it is kind of a choice as you go thing.

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Addie Feb 08, 2022 916 views

Does a military lawyer/attorney do different tasks compared to regular ones?

I am thinking I could become a lawyer/attorney through the military and I'm just wondering how different it is from just being a regular lawyer/attorney?
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Addie Feb 08, 2022 969 views

How much education is needed to be a paralegal? and what re some good college programs?

#college # #law #legal

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Addie Feb 07, 2022 581 views

What are the best colleges in or around Minnesota that have good law degree programs?

I am thinking about becoming a lawyer or attorney in the future and I don't know what colleges would be good for that. #law-school #lawyer #law #college