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La'Kayla Oct 13, 2022 155 views

What to do when you get out of esthetician school?

I've wanted to be an esthetician as another/side job. I have had practice and it has already been decided that I also want to do this but I wanted to know if there are any classes I should take and what I should do when I get my license to actually start.

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La'Kayla Oct 13, 2022 241 views

What would be a better choice, an administrative assistant or a human resources rep?

I took a career assessment to help me get more specific jobs that have to do with what I'm interested in and these two jobs caught my eye. I did some research on both and I am very interested in both and would like some advice on which I should pursue or lead in.

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La'Kayla Sep 29, 2022 178 views

What should I look into if I want to be a professor or a secretary, and which is a better option?

I've wanted to have a very professional job and I wouldn't be unhappy with either of these options I just kind of wanted to know more about both of these jobs.