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Tylowe Oct 06, 2022 507 views

How many different types of welding is there besides blacksmithing?

I've only heard of blacksmithing as a type of welding, but can anyone tell me the other types of welder there are? I'm 18 now and looking toward getting into welding once I finish my senior year.

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Oct 08, 2022 573 views

How can I become a background dancer for k-pop groups like BTS?

I recently got into k-pop and I already love the dances and the techniques. I would like to be a background dancer for k-pop groups. How do I get started and how do I audtion for companies like Big hit, JYP, YG, or SM?

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Kayla Oct 04, 2022 110 views

What are the training requirements for A mortician?

Are there certain schools I have to attend, which is the best