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Military Specific Occupations
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Leonardo Mar 24, 2015 3431 views

What's better: correctional officer or police officer ? Why ?

Im asking this question because I like both but I also want to know which one makes more money and which one has more benefits.I also want to know somebody else opinion. #career #police-officer #corrections-officer

naileah’s Avatar
naileah May 28, 2019 542 views

can you leave the military once you are already in it?


quinn’s Avatar
quinn Sep 16, 2019 532 views

i want to be a marine

im in 8th grade and wondering what high school classes to take #marine

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Nov 20, 2019 1018 views

What are the requirements to join the military?

I am a freshman at T.F. Riggs high school and I was curious about what I would need to join the military.
#military #army

Ellis’s Avatar
Ellis Dec 21, 2020 645 views

What steps should I take to become a marine

Ever since I've been little I have always wanted to be a cop but after one time I had a class were people in military came and talked about what they do and about there self what steps could I take to be a marine. #military #marine

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Mar 02, 2022 569 views

What are the requirements to join the Marine Corps?


Luis’s Avatar
Luis Apr 28, 2022 760 views

Should I complete my basics in a community college or should I join the military and do my education afterwards?

I wanted to see what options are better, whether to complete my basics first or complete all my education after I serve the military.

Ishmael’s Avatar
Ishmael May 03, 2022 938 views

How do u enlist in the U.S NAVY?

I want to be an enlisted sailor.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 22, 2022 5054 views

How long do you have to be in the military to qualify as a veteran?

Planning to be in the military before college, wanna know if I will qualify to be a veteran if I served for 4 years.

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Sep 29, 2022 436 views

what are the requirements for a military career?

like the navy what are the requirements for the navy

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Sep 07, 2022 798 views

What is the entire process for being in the military as an enlisted?

Planning to enlist sometime within the next year and want to know what is the entire process for enlisting and what will happen after boot camp.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 01, 2016 1132 views

What are the requirements to join the Marine Corps.

Because I would I like to join the marines one day. #marine-corps-officer

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Nov 20, 2019 628 views

What are the steps on going into the Marine Corps

I am a Sophomore in high school, I have been very interested in the Armed forces field for quite some time. I enjoy working with people as a team and helping out one another. Being put under pressure isn't difficult for me. I enjoy exercising and pushing myself towards a goal. #usa #marine corps

William’s Avatar
William Nov 08, 2022 600 views

What is a day in the life of someone in the military?

What are their daily routines, what kind of things are done?