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Allison (Allie) Blum

Denver, Colorado
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Ember Sep 17 121 views

how do you get into a college? do you take an S.A.T or do you just apply, and is it required that you stay in a dorm for your first year of college?

i’m in 11th grade trying to decide what college might be best for my interests, im interested in art, space science, and journalism.

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Lexie Sep 19 79 views

How do I approach college wanting to major in anthropology? Do you like it? Would there be anything that you would tell seniors in high school to look out for in this field?

i’m nervous that i’m going to graduate and then go to college for this degree and then not want anything to do with it anymore. What kind of advice would you give someone wanting to go work in the forensics field studying anthropology?